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Jo Miller is passionate about helping women break into leadership positions in business. Her dynamic delivery, extensive track record, and high ratings make her an in-demand workshop, webinar and keynote speaker who is frequently invited back for repeat engagements. Jo’s presentations inspire emerging women leaders to step into the leadership pipeline, and provide them with actionable advice on how to advance.

Five Ways to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

You don't need a title or a team to be a leader. You can lead others, regardless of whether they directly report to you. Be Leaderly’s Jo Miller asked senior-level women leaders to name the top five skills that set apart the individual contributors and managers who successfully lead people without formal authority. This session explores practical ways to develop those skills. It also reveals how a mindset shift from doing to leading can have instant results—if you’re willing to make it. Workshop or webinar.

Tactician Today, Strategist Tomorrow

Be more strategic. That’s advice we all hear at some point. But what does it mean and how do you do it? If you spend your time at work fighting fires and dealing with an endless to-do list, this session will show you how to change your focus from tasks to strategy. You’ll walk away being able to define what it means to be strategic, answer four key questions that visionaries ask, and put into practice your own plan for transforming from a tactician into a leader with high-impact ideas. Workshop or webinar.

Build Your Brand as an Emerging Leader

Are you the best-kept secret in your organization? What does it take to be recognized as an emerging leader? Uncover three essential elements of an effective personal brand and five key steps for making your value visible. Learn how to attract high-profile projects and solidify your reputation as a leader. Keynote, workshop or webinar.

Become a Person of Influence

Women who break through into senior-level leadership positions in business get there by mastering the art of influence. Explore ways to gain a voice and a seat at the table in your company. Understand the mechanisms of power within your organization, and identify six sources of influence you may not be fully utilizing. Keynote, workshop or webinar.

Attract the Advocacy of Influential Sponsors

Sponsors are influential leaders who advocate for you and connect you with career opportunities. Learn the difference between mentors and sponsors, what sponsors expect from you, and eight steps for attracting a sponsor's advocacy. Keynote, workshop or webinar. 

Win at the Game of Office Politics

It is possible to navigate office politics without becoming a political animal. Discover the unwritten “rules of the game” at work. Learn the dynamics of power in your organization. Create a powerful workplace network—and access hidden resources and opportunities. Workshop or webinar.

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