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Jo’s most-recommended presentations are ideal for conference keynotes, breakouts, webinars, and women’s network events.

Jo Miller is dedicated to helping women around the world advance into positions of leadership and influence. Her dynamic delivery, extensive track record, and high ratings make her an in-demand keynote, workshop, and webinar speaker who is frequently invited back for repeat engagements. Jo’s presentations inspire emerging women leaders to step into the leadership pipeline, and provide them with actionable advice on how to advance.

Reimagine Your Leadership Brand

You already have a personal brand. But is it a leadership brand? This hands-on, interactive session addresses the key question: How can I reinvent how others perceive me as a leader? Claim a unique and distinctive leadership niche by connecting the dots from your leadership strengths to work you love to do—that is also a valuable asset to your organization. Craft a leadership brand statement that stands for something bigger than you can accomplish alone—and makes everyone around you sit up, pay attention, and see the leader in you. Keynote, workshop or webinar.

Get Your Shift Together: 5 Ways to Shift From Doing to Leading

Your leadership presence—how others experience you as a leader— is being shaped in every interaction you have. Drawing from her upcoming book, Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive, Jo Miller shares five key shifts in mindset and behavior that will help you lift your head up, shift your focus, and rebalance your approach in favor of more leading, less doing. Leave with a practical plan to “get your shift together” and become the powerhouse leader you were meant to be. Keynote, workshop, or webinar.

Attract the Advocacy of Influential Sponsors

Is there a closed door between you and your next career breakthrough? Kick it down with the backing of influential sponsors. In this session, you’ll get clear on the difference between mentors and sponsors. Understand what sponsorship is, why you’re underestimating its value, and why you can’t ask for it—but you can up your chances to earn it. Learn what sponsors expect from you along with eight steps for attracting a sponsor’s advocacy. Keynote, workshop or webinar. 

Amplify Your Accomplishments

Have you ever felt like the best-kept secret in your organization? No matter how urgent, important, or never-ending your workload is, you can’t afford to spend all your working hours with your head down, working hard, or you’ll silence your voice, submerge your influence, and miss out on career opportunities. In this session, discover 10 “stealth-promotion” tactics for making your leadership brand, value, and accomplishments visible—in a style that’s authentically your own. Workshop or webinar.

Build a Culture of Sponsorship

Harvard Business Review has reported that high-potential women are over-mentored and under-sponsored relative to their male peers. In this session, Jo Miller, CEO of Be Leaderly, will share what research tells us about the career-accelerating power of sponsorship. Understand and discuss the differences between mentorship and sponsorship, how to be an effective sponsor, and to build a culture of sponsorship in your organization. Executive briefing.

Women, Men, & Readiness to Stretch

Stretch assignments are a proven way to propel a career to new heights. Knowing that women are less likely than men to receive these opportunities, Be Leaderly surveyed 1,500 U.S. professionals, examining: Do men and women assess their ‘readiness to stretch’ differently? Hear and discuss insights from the research report, and how leaders can create cultures where stretch assignments are offered equitably. Executive briefing.

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